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Like many artists in the contemporary world I find my life divided. In a culture that values art very little, I have always found it important to work to promote and preserve the work of other artists. If artists don't care it's unlikely others will. That's the area I call Impresario. That encompasses the work I've done with artists to get their work out in the world, as well as the work of preserving artists' work after their death. This section is divided into exhibitions, estates and writings on art.

Sometimes it just doesn't seem enough to express an idea in art. It's important to use art for wider social goals. My long term work with homeless rights groups is one example. In recent years the unionization of adjunct faculty at San Francisco Art Institute where I have been teaching has provided another use of the Instigator power of art. This section iincludes two political art collectives San Francisco Poster Syndicate and the Great Tortilla Conspiracy, in addition to a section on homeless rights and exhibitions of a political instigatorial nature.

And of course, Artist. It's not only about politics, there's also Day of the Dead, work inspired by literature, paintings and public art projects. The largest sections are Artist Books & Portfolios (which contains a large number of prints created as series) and a selection of Prints and Posters which are single prints not created to be a part of any series.

I've organized more than 20 group exhibitions and curated shows for individual artists including retrospectives of several artists including William WolffRoy RagleCasper BanjoDavid Avery, Daniel Robeski,  Frank Rowe and Richard Correll (a two person show) and Patricia Cosper BrandesAnd I've worked on the estate of Charles M Ware and currently helping out with Emmy Lou Packard's estate for an exhibition in 2021.

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