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Gaceta Callejera

In 2013 Patrick Piazza and Art Hazelwood started printing Jose Guadalupe Posada inspired street posters on the 100th anniversary of his death. These Gaceta Callejera, "Street Gazette", were focused on the most recent eviction explosion in San Francisco. Gaceta Callejera were originally meant as a one sheet newspaper about a horrifying or spectacular event. We continue this tradition handing out the broadsides for free as they are printed on the street. Some limited number are available afterwards see pages for details.

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San Francisco Eviction Fiesta

These broadsides repurpose a border, masthead, and other elements that were used in prints by Posada.

Art Hazelwood printing the first of the series of Posada inspired
posters in front of Radio Habana in November of 2013.

Calaveras de Disney
Cancion de Maria
Calaveras del Beisbol
The Great Sinkhole of 2017
Posada Underfoot

Stop Trump
Business as Usual
Gaceta Callejera
Gaceta Callejera
Gaceta Callejera
Gaceta Callejera

Horrifying Event
Trump Farrell
The Same Horse
Gaceta Callejera
Gaceta Callejera
Mutiny Radio hosted an exhibition in their space and a radio program. You can listen below to Patrick Piazza and many guests as they are interivewed by DJ Balkan Vulcan

Boom: A Journal of California
printed a series of these posters in Vol. 4 No. 2 Summer 2014

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