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Artists' Estates

Casper Banjo 1937-2008

Patricia C. Brandes 1931 - 2004

Richard V. Correll 1951 - 2002
Frank Rowe 1951 - 2002

Roy Ward Ragle 1944-2014

Daniel Robeski 1951 - 2002

Charles M. Ware 1921 - 2005

William F. Wolff 1922-2003

William F. Wolff
William F. Wolff


Imagining Lynd Ward
by David A Beronä

House Keys Not Handcuffs:
Homeless Organizing, Art and Politics in San Francisco and Beyond

Hobos to Street People:
Artists' Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present

and other essays

House Keys not Handcuff

Exhibitions include

Hobos To Street People: Artists' Responses To Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present

Between Struggle and Hope: Envisioning a Democratic Art in the 1930s

In Extremis: Prints Monumental, Intimate, and Encompassing

California in Relief - A History in Wood and Linocut Prints

Hobos to Street People


Social Discourses: In Print, the Prints and Collections of Juan Fuentes, Art Hazelwood, Jos Sances and Jim Nikas, Richmond Art Center, November 2014

Art Hazelwood and William Wolff, Artzone 461, March 2014

Hazelwood vs Yeh, Compund Gallery, March 2014

Exhibitions 2005-2009
: Inferno Gallery, Mission Grafica, Hubris Corpulentus

Artzone 461