Current Events (Updated March 12, 2014)

The Southern Graphics Conference is visiting San Franciso at the end of March 2014. There are a lot of things happening. You can see all the officially recognized events at their website. A list below are things I am involved in, check them out for all the details.

Friday, March 28th
I'll be all day at the Compound Gallery in Oakland. There is an exhibition in the main gallery called, It's Alive... five of my students from the San Francisco Art Institute are participating, Moonyoung Sung, Mari Pinotti, Olivia Johnson, Dianna Settles, and Jaymie Johnson

Together with Katya McCulloch I organized a show of prints in the smaller gallery by inmate artists of the San Quentin Prison Arts Project

In the course of the day 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm The Great Tortilla Conspiracy will be serving edible, topical printed tortillas.

Yeh vs. Hazelwood

In the Battle of the Bay, I will be engaging in woodcut struggle with renowned conceptualist Imin Yeh.

Yeh vs Hazelwood

Saturday, March 29th
Mullowney studios will be hosting an all day event in San Francisco with live printing and a giant print show.
XXL Relief
with artists
Cannonball Press—Mike Houston/Martin Mazorra
Charles Woodruff Coates
Ronnie Goodman
Art Hazelwood
Michael Krueger
Linda Lyke
Nichol Markowitz
Santiago Maztl
Oscar Moreno
Paul Mullowney
Jeff Rassier
Favianna Rodriguez
Jenny Schmid
David Tim
Members of the San Quentin Art in Prison Project

Three Graces of Capital
The Three Graces of Capital: TINA, Miss Giving, Naked Greed, 5 x 3 feet, woodcut, 2014

We'll be letterpress printing and giving away some more anti-eviction posters inspired by Posada. You can listen to the radio program produced at our last event with Mutiny Radio.

There will be a presentation of a print portfolio put together by Emmanuel Montoya and Paper Buck at the gallery Back to the Picture.
It is also on view in other locations including at San Francisco State University

Art Hazelwood and William Wolff - Working Together, continues at ArtZone 461 with a show of Polish prints in the side gallery.

A review of the show can be seen here

And finally should you wish to support a book of artwork about the US torture of detainees... and who wouldn't want to support such a book? Check out the indiegogo campaign to publish the book.

Exhibition through April 6, 2014 at Artzone 461


Art Hazelwood & Jos Sances,Our Post Office is not for Sale, 2012, Screenprint, 27 x 21


Art Hazelwood, La Calavera Aurora, 2012,linocut and screenprint

Tribute to Podada for the Day of the Dead. The Aurora in the title refers to the Batman film opening shooting in that town. Posada did a lot of hideous crime prints. La Calavera Aurora - The skeleton of Aurora, A Sad Story. Then below The skeleton of the dictator of the world and Firing Squad (fusilade) 0f Democracy, November 6, 2012.



An extended essay at on
Art and Activism from the 1930s to Today

This Huffington Post article was a collaboration with Paul Boden
based on the above essay.

A recent issue of the Street Spirit uses an image I created in 1996 that still gets a lot of use.

A review of the Hobos to Street People book on
Tikkun Magazine's website.


Ronnie Goodman, The Birth of the Occupy Movement, 2011, linocut print, 24 x 18

Here's a video of artist Ronnie Goodman talking about his Occupy linocut prints.


"Opinionated Art": A Window into the Fine Art Print Collections at the Library of Congress,
Martha H. Kennedy, Curator of Popular & Applied Graphic Art, 2010, based on a presentation and
discussion by Katherine L. Blood, Curator of Fine Prints.


Organized by Francisco Dominguez, Doug Minkler and Art Hazelwood

Hobos to Street People: Artists' Responses to Homelessness From the New Deal to the Present
is a touring show curated by Art Hazelwood
To learn about the show go here
Below is a video shot by Carol Harvey at the exhibition at the California Historical Society in San Francisco.
Carol interviews Travis in front of a print by Kiki Smith titled "Home"
Travis tells his own story of sleeping in a box.
More videos about the show here.


In 2008 I spent every free moment on the Art of Democracy shows leading up to the elections. Here's an article with an intereview with me.
Article by Mark Vallen about the exhibition Art of Democracy War & Empire, in Foreign Policy in Focus

A lengthy article about Art Hazelwood published August 2005
Online Magazine of the Visual Narrative - ISSN 1780-678X
Issue 12
Art Hazelwood: A Graphic Witness of America
Author: David A. Beronä
Published: August 2005
Abstract (E): This essay examines the power of the contemporary print in the work of the San Francisco printmaker, Art Hazelwood. Narrative features are identified in Hazelwood's early series of woodcuts that display distinctive scenes of contemporary life, block books that merge image and text in an imaginative display, stylized book illustrations, accordion style artists books, and his satirical commentary on American imperialism in Iraq called Hubris Corpulentus.

Look here for other articles.
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